Bringing About a Sustainable Agronomic Revolution in Rice Production in Asia by Reducing Preventable Pre- and Postharvest Losses

Reducing Postharvest Losses and Increasing Income by Producing Better-Quality Rice

The Subcomponent 2 project funded by the Asian Development Bank aims to reduce postharvest losses throughout the value chain. The project also aims to enable farmers to create value added component to their rice harvest through improving postharvest technologies and management options. This initiative will be done in collaboration with different institutions in Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.


The project’s goals are to contribute to food security and poverty reduction through reducing postharvest losses and by enabling farmers to add value to their rice harvest. The objectives are:

  • To improve farmer’s income through better postharvest management to reduce losses and improve quality;
  • To assist the industry to improve paddy quality and milling efficiencies;
  • To assist Government with national standards, building capacity in postharvest, and assist in technology transfer from neighboring countries

     Expected Outputs

  • Appropriate postharvest technologies and improved management options are locally available
  • Country-specific agricultural extension methodologies are developed and agricultural extension is strengthened.
  • Business models for improved PHT are developed, links to financing and other support services established.
  • National outreach programs include postharvest technologies and management options.
  • National Learning Alliances capture the learning and feed them into project management, policy, decision making, and extension.