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Philippines: Manufacturers and Learning Alliance partners’ training set on September

posted Aug 13, 2012, 7:35 PM by Unknown user
Event Title: Capacity building for the commercialization and outscaling of the IRRI downdraft rice hull furnace 
Venue and Date: IRRI Headquarters, September 25-27, 2012 


1.      To train manufacturers on the proper production procedures of the  Downdraft Rice Hull Furnace (dRHF).
2.      To inform the manufacturers on the potential modifications of the dRHF for its further development, and avoid technical pitfalls.
3.      To inform the manufacturers what they can do or cannot do about the dRHF technology particularly on the status of dRHF as a public good.
4.      To emphasize the role and responsibility of manufacturers as ‘technology transfer agent’ towards the successful out scaling of the dRHF technology.

Participants: Learning Alliance partners and manufacturers from Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and the Philippines. This activity is by invitation only. 

To register, please fill out the form or email r.quilloy@irri.org with Subject line: RHF Training: