Rice straw for energy

IRRI's research on the uses of rice by-products for energy are available in this page.

Discussions on rice-based biofuels began at IRRI as early as 2007, via the workshop "Expert Consultation on Biofuels." This workshop gathered experts on biofuels to find complimenting ways to support sustainable food-bioenergy production systems and other important issues associated with Biofuels.

In 2012, participants from 11 countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe gathered to discuss in-country initiatives on using  of rice straw and rice husk 1) for livestock feeds, 2) as renewable energy source, and 3) processing options for rice straw and husk. 

In 2014, the SuperGen Bioenergy Hub project led by the University of Manchester conducted a workshop to take stock of the researchers done in rice straw. The workshop also aimed to identify areas for collaboration and resource sharing to optimize the research initiatives on rice straw. 
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